Cloning Services


We are providing cloning services for all your experimental need, such as mammalian or bacterial expression vector to study cellular pathways, an expression vector for protein purification, site-directed mutagenesis etc.


Why We

We, not just synthesize the sequence shared by researcher. We will also assist you in designing the scheme of your clone, depending upon your experimental needs such as UTR cloning, full-length clone, which isoform of the gene to be selected etc. You will get expert technical support for all your clones. Even if your design is perfect, expert opinion on your design will give double assurance for your experiment.




We will provide the best price for your sequence verified and ready to use clone. our price for basic gene cloning costs approx  RS-20,000. Final price will depend upon your sequence or scheme of cloning.                        for more detail 


6-30 days, depending upon the clone, usually less than 10 days after order confirmation